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Prevent entry of smoke, dust and hazardous chemicals & neutralizing microbes generating sanitized air using five layered 'air sanitization' technology, essential for patient's safety. 


Using groundbreaking air sanitization-enabled  technology, the Motolance provides medical grade air ensuring patient's safety during resuscitation, rescue & recovery. Also aid remote medical care with continuous oxygen support.

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Patient Convener System (side carriage) is designed for deployment at remote location to provide On-Site Medical Care with doctor's managing from Off-Site locations. Spacious enough to accommodate essential medicines & other supplies. 

Continuous Oxygen Support

Remote Medical Care can be provided with continuous support of oxygen using 'Ucchvasita' oxygen concentrator, an Indigenous technology that ensures proper stabilization of patient at remote location prior to extraction with portable oxygen support.  


Motolance is supported with server based monitoring  for real-time information of both its movement and patient's status. Information is shared with health professionals & relatives in real time.

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Global Monitoring System

Motor Bike is enabled with independent tracking device that manages vehicle's health, expected fuel status, inventory of its accessories, time of patient's extraction to arrival, battery charging time in idle parking conditions etc. 

Vitals Live Monitoring 

Patient's Convener System (side carriage) is enabled with continuous monitoring of health status by ECG, Respiration Rate, Temperature, SpO2, Pulse, Blood Pressure of patient & if required, physical examination is also possible to identify root cause for his/ her resuscitation during transit. 

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