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Viscoelastic Gel by its ability to distribute pressure equally in all directions & conforming ability  aided by impact resistance potential provides puncture resistant tyres, essential for emergency rescue


Aerodynamic design with optimal ground clearance, maneuvering ability fitted with minimum of 350 cubic capacity 2- Wheeler is fast and robust life saving vehicle. 

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emergency first aid web_edited.jpg


System is design with standardized blinkers, beacons, PA system for early warning/ dispersion of traffic  (if need be), emergency sirens & reflector tapes to make it visible for vehicles moving in front or back of Motolance. Equipped with Medical Box & other accessories.

emergency first aid web_edited.jpg

Medical Box

Every Motolance is equipped with medical box with necessary health accessories to provide first aid, basic trauma care & other contamination management essentials if required as per deployment station. It is also provided with 'Multi-use' Protective clothing (NFPA 1999: 2018 complied) based on requirement/ demand. 

Space that matters..

Micro detailed 'Cavity' design was evolved to accommodate large number of accessories in PCS with ease of access by care provider while managing / stabilizing the patient prior to evacuation. Containerization aid patient's safety in his/ her chamber isolated from health accessories kept beneath in boat design. 

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