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Bluetooth enabled continuous monitoring of vital parameters by both driver & attendant with inbuilt alarm for early warning to re-stabilize patient during transit, essential for patient's safety. 


Using advanced sustainable infection control technology,  the Motolance provides anti-microbial coated surfaces that doesn't allow growth of microbes enabling patient's & care provider's safety.  Equipped with portable oxygen for emergency medical support.

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Emergency Medical Support

Equipped with First Response Medical Kit inclusive of trauma care, Airway Breathing & Circulation (ABC) Management  as well as supported by Telemedicine for on-line guidance by specialist for any emergency procedure during transit.

Portable Oxygen Support

Portable Oxygen (minimum of 2 Kg) is provided in each Motolance to ensure that patient's oxygen requirement is not compromised during transit as well as continuous monitoring of their SPO2 and other parameters to optimize its usage during long extraction periods. 


Patient in supine position is immobilized with double straps & Chest support while lying on advance vibration suppression 'Tapas Aasan' preventing frictional pressure induced by uneven & difficult terrains. 

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Head Immobilization 

Head Immobilization with Noise cancelation system safeguard patient's head from 'torque' pressure & prevent it from speed induced fear & panic. Supported with emergency buzzer to alarm attendant if felt uncomfortable.  

'Freedom' Design

Patient's Convener System (side carriage) is designed with both side opening fitted with large sized windows having tinted glass, specialized ventilation window & continuous air flow to make patient's lying freely & not 'containerized'. 

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