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Letter to Innovators!

Welcome to our Innovator's Hub! We work as a consortium of ideas with specific focus on health care, life-saving solutions & life comforting innovations.  Motolance Corporation is part of this idea-to-field implementation group. Motolance(s) itself provide a unique platform for new ideas for their testing at field level. In addition, our various partner Industries works on multiple technologies (visit You are cordially invited to discuss your innovation Que.  


NCR, India 

Invite Type

Unique Innovation

What's the offer!

  • As Innovator of your technology (or idea), send us your application (by filling basic idea without any details) by applying to 'APPLY' button given below. 

  • In case you are not interested in discussing details, just fill your details and title of idea & apply!.  

  • If your idea is well received by our group and fits in our criteria, we will sign NDA with you to go further!

  • Based on level of your technology/ idea's status, we will discuss options : (a) Self-funding/ acquisition of technology for direct testing/ implementation; (b) Facilitate funding for partially matured technology with immense potential by third party; (c) New & Revolutionary Idea requiring huge funds-will join as partner (if you are willing) to obtain funds from authorized agencies.

  • In case you are industry with available commercially available technology for induction / usage-we will provide Indian and global distribution network as partner. 

  • In case you are from academic background looking for Industrial Partner to convert lab based successful idea into commercially viable technology, it is the right place to apply.  

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